SpaceX Quietly Planning Mars-Landing Missions

According to Business Insider, SpaceX, the aerospace company founded by Elon Musk, held a hush-hush conference in Colorado this week to formulate a plan for landing people on Mars and building an outpost. SpaceX reportedly sent invitations to about 60 scientists and engineers, asking them not to publicize the event or their attendance at the

Magic Leap’s AR Headset Is Available Now

The next step after smartphones is almost certainly some form of augmented reality. At least, Business Insider reports that’s what investors believe, to the point where they’ve pumped over $2.3 billion into Magic Leap, a Florida-based startup that creates AR headsets. For years, Magic Leap has raised astronomical rounds of funding from the likes of

Walmart Has Filed a Patent For Virtual Stores

According to Business Insider, Walmart has reportedly come up with a way to shop online using virtual reality. The company has filed for a patent for a potential plan that seems to involve shopping in a virtual store that’s just like a regular store.The virtual stores could potentially let shoppers navigate a three-dimensional representation of

New Flying Cars Coming Soon

If you’re in the market for a flying car, Digital Trends put together a handy list. While the thought (and price) of a flying vehicle may seem daunting, they say that like cell phones, soon most people will be flying their cars to work. “Opener,” a Californian startup company is marketing their flying car, BlackFly,

New iPhones Could Be Available In September

According to Tech News World, Apple could release three new iPhones as early as September. A Monday report, using an anonymous source, revealed more about Apple’s plans. Some of the standout features of the new phones include larger screens, camera performance and quailty upgrades and ‘significant changes’ on the inside. The phones will also reportedly