Judgmental A.I. Mirror Rates You Based On Your Looks

Exploring the unsettling side of artificial intelligence is a new project from researchers at the University of Melbourne in Australia. The team’s device uses facial-recognition technology to analyze users’ faces, and then presents an assessment in the form of 14 different characteristics it has “learned” from looking at your face.

Is Your Twitter Follower Count Down?

Did you notice a drop in the number of followers you have on Twitter today? Well this is probably the reason … According to BuzzFeedNews, Twitter is no longer counting locked accounts in a user’s total number of followers. In a blog post Wednesday, Twitter stated that for most people, the drop in followers will

Ways To Track A Smartphone.

Sometimes life gets a little hectic and keeping track of your phone can be difficult. This can be especially troublesome, because phones are most people’s lifelines. Fortunately, Digital Trends reports there are ways to track down lost smartphones. “There are several app choices available for your phone, but also remember to set up any included

Snapchat Is Experiencing Technical Issues Again

Snapchat is experiencing technical issues for the second week in a row. Business Insider reports users on Tuesday reported being unable to connect to servers. Snap Inc. confirmed the issues on Twitter and said they are “working with a partner on a fix.” Last week, the app went down for hours on July 11. Snapchat