Raw Chicken Was ‘Leaning’ On Packaged Foods At Ohio Chipotles

Health officials have inspected three Chipotle restaurants in Powell, Ohio. Hundreds of customers reported getting sick after eating at the restaurants in recent days. In two of the restaurants, inspectors found boxes of raw chicken “leaning” on other packaged foods. Inspectors also found foods that were not being held at proper temperatures. “Food safety is

Ohio Chipotle Closed After 170 Reports Of Food Poisoning

Business Insider reports More than 170 people fell ill after eating at the Ohio Chipotle that’s at the center of a suspected illness outbreak, according to a website that tracks foodborne illnesses. A total of 105 reports were made to the website iwaspoisoned.com, indicating that more than 170 customers fell sick after eating at the

Sloppy Joe Mac And Cheese

This is the ultimate Mac & Cheese recipe! Sloppy Joe Mac & Cheese will definatley be the highlight of any party! Go ahead and try it and let us know what you think!

Chocolate Record Plays Actual Music

A cool video has emerged of a chocolatier presenting his music on a record made of chocolate. The video, captured at the London Chocolate Show on October 15, shows the chocolate record producing music on a record player. Content from Newsflare.