How To Make A Stamina Enhancer Drink From Eggs

Made from duck eggs that are believed to be a stamina enhancer. in addition to duck eggs, the egg yolk is also added with young areca nut so that the juice is delicious. finally added a decoction of tea water.This drink is trusted by the people of West Sumatra as a drink for stamina to

Guy Fieri Makes Food For CA Wildfire Victims

According to The Huffington Post, celebrity chef, Guy Fieri, gave back to the victims of the latest, devastating California wildfire. Working alongside The Salvation Army and Operation BBQ Relief, a food-based nonprofit he served up meals to first responders and those who were forced to leave their homes. So far, the ongoing Redding, California blaze

Metal Found In Top Baby Foods

According to UPI a new study shows that two-thirds of baby food samples tested by Consumer Reports was found to have troubling ingredients. This includes: cadmium, inorganic arsenic or lead content. Consumer Reports tested 50 baby foods sold in stores and “found ‘worrisome’ levels of heavy metals in 68 percent of those tested.” Brands tested