Amazing 3D Street Art Illusion In Amsterdam

A man has created an amazing drawing on a pavement in Amsterdam Holland. Located in Beursplein close to the famous Dam Square the chalk image creates the illusion that a large section of the pavement has been removed. There is apparently a walk way leading to some mysterious location with concrete pillars around it. We

DIY Ombre Curtains

It is really hard to find anywhere to buy ombre curtains, so the only option is to do it yourself. I must admit, it was a big DIY to tackle, but now the curtains are up it has been totally worth it. To style this project, the great people at Sainsbury’s sent me a few

DIY Copper Pipe Hook

Why can’t you hang your clothes on hooks with style hey? These cute copper hooks will look great and are so easy to make! You will need:Length of copper pipe Copper pipe elbows Copper pipe caps Copper brackets 15mm pipe cutter Screws Ruler Sharpie pen Optional: Strong glue. Content from Newsflare.