Fiat Chrysler Issues Massive Recall In 4.8 Million Cars

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles recalled 4.8 million U.S. cars with gasoline engines and automatic transmissions. The recall is due to a cruise control software defect. The NHTSA advised drivers not to use cruise control on the affected vehicles. The vehicles involved span six model years. Only vehicles with automatic transmissions and gasoline-powered engines are involved. FCA

California: Fully-Driverless Cars Now Offering Rides

In recent days, the California Public Utilities Commission gave the go ahead for companies to offer rides in autonomous cars to regular folks as part of a pilot program. With many players in the industry aiming to launch robot taxi services, the opportunity to start giving members of the public rides in test vehicles is

Volkswagen, Bosch, And Nvidia Team Up For Autonomous Cars

The efforts required to bring autonomous cars to the masses are immense. Therefore, as digital trends reports, the Volkswagen Group of America and major players in the automotive innovation industry like Bosch and Nvidia have joined forces to pool their resources and expertise. This in a bid to accelerate the development of driver-less technology.

The Vehicles Behind The Tour De France Team Car

Daniel McMahon, a writer for Business Insider, recently reported on the cars, trucks, and buses that keep the ‘Tour de France’ going. He wrote, the “La Grande Boucle… is often a grueling three-week slog, so the vehicles need to be versatile and reliable and always ready to go, over the bone-jarring cobblestones of Roubaix, up

Sebastian Vettel Becomes British Grand Prix Champ

Sebastian Vettel passed Valtteri Bottas late on to win a thrilling British Grand Prix in which Lewis Hamilton charged back to second after being spun around on the opening lap. Mercedes used a safety car to get Bottas ahead of early race leader Vettel but the Ferrari driver used fresher, softer tyres to steal the