DIY Ombre Curtains

It is really hard to find anywhere to buy ombre curtains, so the only option is to do it yourself. I must admit, it was a big DIY to tackle, but now the curtains are up it has been totally worth it. To style this project, the great people at Sainsbury’s sent me a few interior goodies, which I’m totally loving. Sainsbury’s Home has been going from strength to strength over the past few years and are producing beautiful homeware, at reasonable prices. Whenever I am in a Sainsbury’s, it is really hard resist the home aisles – I want to buy everything!! So getting an opportunity to use some of their products in the styling of my home is great. Back to project…… Before you take on this challenge there are few things to consider:- Prep your curtains, before you dye. For example; if the curtains are too long, measure, cut and hem them before you dye. – Make sure the fabric will actually take the dye. Do a test run on a small scrap piece of fabric. – When you come to do the dying for real, make sure you have a large enough area to carry out the task. Preferably outside, or if the weather is bad, maybe in the garage where it won’t matter if you get dye everywhere! Believe me – there will be a few drips! – Avoid doing this in the bath, as the dye can stain it.- Have a friend or family member nearby, incase you need an extra pair of hands. Content from Newsflare.